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Have you dreamed of spinning your own yarn for a large project such as a sweater, but didn’t know where to start? Join internationally-acclaimed handspinning teacher Abby Franquemont as she takes the mystery out of the process for you, shares tips and techniques for staying on track, and gives you the confidence you need to tackle spinning for big projects. Learn how to plan and execute the process to spin the perfect yarn for your project, how to spin comfortable and efficiently over longer periods of time, and master Abby’s expert tips for spinning a consistent yarn.

You’ll love this spinning video if you:

  • Have been spinning for a while but rarely with a project in mind
  • Are a less experienced spinner looking for an achievable challenge
  • Have a specific project in mind and want to create the perfect yarn

In Get More Spunyou’ll learn how to:

  • Measure different characteristics of your yarn and understand why it is important to do so
  • Spin yarn to match a pattern written for commercial yarn weights and types
  • Become more comfortable when spinning and increase your efficiency
  • Set yourself up for success when planning a larger project

Techniques demonstrated in video:

  • Casual study of ergonomics and comfort
  • Measuring guidelines and techniques
  • Matching commercial yarn
  • Planning and documenting your spinning
  • Achieving success through efficient spinning

About the Expert:

Abby Franquemont was raised in the United States and the Andes, where she was taught to spin on a spindle at the age of five. She has been spinning, knitting, weaving, and crocheting, for more than thirty years. She is a fiber artist, teacher, technical editor, and writer whose work has appeared in Spin-Off, Spindlecity, and Twist Collective. Her book, Respect the Spindle (Interweave, 2009), continues to be a popular resource for new and experienced spinners alike.


Food for thought

“Thank you Abby for the tips for spinning for large projects. I need to watch again to take notes but I like the how to measure and time your work. I usually guess and by gosh it worked on a jumbo bobbin because I hate splicing or knots in my work. There is a lot to consider for my next project.” - Roxanne Nigg

Well done.

“She does a complete and thorough job on the topic; it’s a great video. She has a no-nonsense style that gets a lot of information across in a time-frame as well-organized as her production spinning methods. I enjoyed the video a lot, and hope to see more.” - Sarah McArthur


“I loved how straightforward and thorough this workshop is, and yet also provides many other ways to get things done. Loved it!” - Alike Harel