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In Gentle Art of Plying, you’ll go beyond the basics of plying with Judith MacKenzie as she illustrates how to unlock the extensive world of yarn design and fabric construction. Judith understands the deep technical nature of spinning yarn in order to achieve the ideal fabric later on. She’s not afraid to take you above and beyond ordinary techniques to create beautiful and unique yarns.

You’ll Love This Spinning Video If:

  • You enjoy creating art yarns
  • You’re ready to go beyond the basics of plying
  • You want to learn how to have a consistent ply

In Gentle Art of Plying You’ll Learn:

  • Different types of yarn structure and how they translate into the fabric you make from them
  • How to organize your hands and avoid errors
  • How even some of your errors can turn in to beautiful new creations

A Word From the Author:

"Plying is amazing, what it does; all the different things it can do. It’s the basis of many, many textiles. And I think we’ll talk a bit about why you would ply and why you would not. One of the interesting things about plying is that it makes a yarn that is stable, relaxed and calm." — Judith MacKenzie

About the Author:

Judith MacKenzie has been a textile artist for more than 20 years. Her traditional training has been expanded with world travel, deep research, and industry consultation. She has led textile tours to Turkey and Spain and has been a contributor to Spin-OffInterweave KnitsPieceWork and Handwoven magazines. She writes and teaches extensively and is author of The Intentional Spinner (Interweave, 2009).

What Other Spinners Are Saying:

"Judith does an excellent job of describing the mechanics of, and the how and why of plying yarn. She explains technical information about plying in a clear and understandable manner that helps spinners to understand the basics of fabric/fiber construction." — BARBARA, BALTIMORE, MARYLAND