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Elevate Your Weaving with More Dimensions, Layers, and Connections

Interested in exploring the vast ways you can adapt and use deflected doubleweave (DDW) in your weaving? Discover creative new approaches to DDW as you play and experiment with this beautiful weave structure.

This freeform class allows you to explore advanced approaches to DDW and design. Due to the more experimental style, it’s recommended that students have a firm grasp of weaving DDW before taking this course.

As you watch, you’ll learn how to:

  • Choose yarn and colors
  • Work with fine fibers to create beautiful gauze-like windowpanes
  • Design and plan your layers, including 3- and 4-layer options
  • Combine crimp weave with DDW for unbelievable texture
  • Weave DDW in twill
  • Create a V-shaped shawl in DDW
  • And more!

After watching this course, you’ll be able to take the basic concepts shown in the video and the drafts in the workbook to design and weave your own creations. Join Janney as you explore the versatility of DDW and push the structure to make fabrics that are fun to weave and wear!

An Introduction from Instructor Janney Simpson

A companion to Janney Simpson’s video, New Dimensions in Deflected Doubleweave, this course will take your weaving to a whole new level. In this workshop, Janney uses 8-shaft looms to look at variations on DDW. A few of the techniques, including crimp weave and clasped weft, are even possible using only 4 shafts.

Suggested prerequisites: 

Included in the course: 

  • 80 minutes of detailed instructional video   
  • Course workbook DDW gamp sampler pattern and 10 other drafts
  • Skeleton tie-up for countermarch looms**

 Materials and equipment:

  • For the video, you'll want a printed copy of the provided workbook for notes and for reference alongside many of the video lessons.
  • To weave the DDW sampler, you’ll need an 8-shaft floor or table loom, 12- or 15-dent reed, 2 shuttles, 2–3 bobbins, tape measure, T-pins, weights for broken ends, and scissors. Floor loom weavers will need 24 treadle cords or pins for their tie-up.

**Note: In this course, Janney weaves on a jack loom with a skeleton tie-up to eliminate the necessity of retying her treadles. We’ve added a skeleton tie-up for countermarch-loom weavers that also allows you to follow along without retying. 


Janney Simpson

Janney Simpson relishes the "ah-ha" moment when new weavers throw a shuttle for the first time. She has been weaving for more than 35 years. After getting bitten by the deflected doubleweave bug a decade ago, she started teaching DDW locally and nationally. Often accompanied by a golden retriever in her studio, she weaves on looms of all breeds.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. Meet Your Instructor

    3. Getting Started and Workbook

    4. Technical Support

    1. Designing Deflected Doubleweave Using 4-shaft Twill Patterns

    1. Fringe Finishing Technique

    1. Selecting Fibers and Colors

    1. Combining DDW with Crimp Weave

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