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In Dyeing in the Kitchen, Deb Menz is simply dying to teach you about dyeing yarn and fiber from your very own kitchen! Mastering color combinations with synthetic dyes can often be overwhelming. However, with Deb’s step-by-step instruction and simple math formulas, you’ll be able to make endless color variations that you can’t find commercially. Through deep- and low-water dyeing, dip dyeing, ombrés and more, you’ll make and replicate your favorite yarn color again and again.

Run Time: 01:15:59

You’ll Love This Spinning Video If:

  • You enjoy mixing colors and creating new ones
  • You’re looking for a yarn with a specific color variation
  • You like experimenting with color theory

In Dyeing in the Kitchen You’ll Learn:

  • How to choose safe and basic dyes
  • About making extra solution to save for later
  • How to replicate an exact synthetic dye

A Word From the Author:

"Why would you want to dye fibers and yarns? You can get a unique collection of colors and yarns that aren’t available commercially. You can do small amounts of fibers or yarns just for the project you need." — Deb Menz

About the Author:

Deb Menz is a teacher and fiber artist with years of dyeing and color-blending experience. Her previous DVDs, Color Works for Spinners and Color and Yarn Design for Spinners, supplement her classic books, Color in Spinning and Color Works. Deb lives in Middleton, Wisconsin.