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Whether you’re a new spinner or have years of experience with spinning wheels, you’ll enjoy learning to spin on a drop spindle. Drop spinning is a portable and efficient way to make yarn, and the control and attention required for drop spinning will improve your spinning skills no matter what kind of spinning tools you like to use. 

Run Time: 01:03:00

You’ll Love This Spinning Video If:

  • You’re looking for an affordable introduction to handspinning
  • You want to fine-tune your spinning skills
  • You want to spin anywhere, anytime
  • You love beautiful spinning tools
  • How to spin smoothly and efficiently on a drop spindle
  • How to match the spindle to the yarn you want to make
  • Three methods for plying yarn on a drop spindle


Anita Osterhaug

Anita Osterhaug is an editor emerita of Handwoven magazine and a regular contributor. She has been devoted to all things fiber since her first embroidery project at age 8. In parallel with a writing career, her historical interests and fiber-mania led her to learn handspinning and weaving. When not spinning, weaving, or knitting, she can be found writing or reading about, teaching, or demonstrating fiber arts. She lives in Hillsboro, Oregon with husband, critters, and a slightly embarrassing array of looms, spinning wheels, and other fiber accoutrements.


Drop Spindle Magic!

“Excellent course - learnt a lot of tips and hints on how to improve my drop spinning, and especially on plying together.” - Rosemary Edwards