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 Drop spindles are beautiful, affordable, collectible, and they're a surprisingly efficient way to make yarn. (Most of the cloth made in the last 20,000 years was made from yarn spun on drop spindles.) In Drop Spinning 101, spinner and teacher Anita Osterhaug will teach you how to spin using this method.

You'll Love This Spinning Video If:

  • You're looking for an affordable introduction to handspinning
  • You want to expand your spinning repertoire
  • You want to spin anywhere, anytime
  • You love beautiful spinning tools

In Drop Spinning 101, You'll Learn:

  • The three parts of spinning on a drop spindle
  • The different types of spindles (and why we have different types)
  • Finger control to make good yarn right away
  • A learning technique to help you spin without dropping the drop spindle

About the Expert:

Anita Osterhaug is the editorial director of SpinOff magazine and editor of Handwoven magazine. She has been devoted to all things fiber since her first embroidery project at age 8. In parallel with a writing career, her historical interests and fiber-mania led her to learn handspinning and weaving. When not spinning, weaving, or knitting, she can be found writing or reading about, teaching, or demonstrating fiber arts. She lives in Hillsboro, Oregon with husband, critters, and a slightly embarrassing array of spinning wheels, looms, and other fiber accoutrements.


Excellent Course!!

“Anita's Course is excellent. She explains everything very well and in various ways. ” - KATHY BOYD

Easy-going introduction to Spindle Spinning

“As a survivor of a mild-traumatic brain injury, I cannot tolerate interacting with multiple people simultaneously as one does in a workshop setting. Yes, this has been a major adjustment in my life! I was very excited when I heard that Long Thread Media had created an “All-Access” subscription option because I can still “attend” workshops without developing symptoms. I can also watch the workshops at my own pace thus allowing me to limit my screen time too. Anita’s easy-going and warm introduction to Drop Spinning was enjoyable, informative, and not overly taxing to my brain. Like having a close friend over for tea and spinning, I know I shall enjoy returning to this video in the coming years” - Kelly Calkins