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In Doubleweave Basics, you'll leave conventional one layer fabrics behind as you explore the world of doubleweave. Jennifer Moore will show you how you can easily weave seamless fabrics that are much wider than your weaving loom. You'll get an inside look at the process of weaving uniquely patterned fabrics so you can master fresh and energetic designs.

You'll Love This Weaving Video If:

  • You enjoy creating shapes and patterns while weaving on your loom
  • You want to explore more weaving techniques
  • You want introduce texture into your weaving

In Doubleweave Basics You'll Learn:

  • How to weave fabrics that are wider than your loom
  • How to weave seamless tubes and pockets
  • How to manipulate patterns by hand

A Word From the Author:

"I'm very happy to welcome you to the magical world of doubleweave. Doubleweave is the weaving of two layers of cloth, on a loom, one above each other at the same time. These two layers can be completely independent of each other, they can be connected on one or both selvages, or they may be interchanged through hand-manipulated or loom-controlled layer exchange." — Jennifer Moore

About the Author:

Weaver Jennifer Moore is widely known for her luminous color gradations, distinctive designs and flawless craftsmanship. Jennifer's weaving has been in exhibitions and won awards in the United States and abroad for over 20 years. Her work has been published in numerous magazines and in the Fiberarts Design series. Jennifer holds a Master of Fine Arts in weaving from the University of Oregon, where she specialized in exploring relationships between weaving, music, and mathematics in doubleweave wall pieces. She currently maintains a studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and travels throughout the world giving lectures and workshops in weaving and design.

What Other Weavers Are Saying:

"I found that although I already knew the logic behind doubleweave, she expanded my knowledge and made it possible for me to explore new frontiers on my own. Ideas like adding hand manipulated lace to doublewoven pieces were entirely new to me." — Beryl