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Hemstitching is a common finishing technique in weaving, protecting the weft and managing fringe. but it can be much more. In this video, weaver and teacher Sara Bixler will show you how you can use hemstitching to add interest to the body of your fabric, as a way to enhance handwoven lace, as a lace technique in itself, and as a way to add color and graphic elements to your weaving. With Sara's help, you'll make hemstitching a new and powerful part of your design toolkit.

You'll Love This Weaving Video If:

  • You're looking for ways to dress up simple cloth
  • You enjoy hand-manipulated patterns in weaving
  • You want to make crisp, perfect finishes on your woven pieces

In Hemstitching You'll Learn:

  • How to do hemstitching as a decorative finish for your weaving
  • How to do ladder hemstitching as a lacy decorative element
  • How to work chevron (zig zag) hemstitching as a design element
  • How to combine hemstitching with leno lace
  • How to make hemstitched designs on your woven fabric

About the Expert:

Sara Bixler is an instructor at the Mannings Handweaving School in East Berlin, Pennsylvania. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art degree and a Bachelor of Science in K-12 education—although she gives full credit for her weaving knowledge to her apprenticeship with her father, Tom Knisely. Sara is a frequent contributor to Handwoven Magazine and Weaving Today, and a popular speaker at weaving guilds. One of her primary interests is color relationships in weaving, although she strives to have an eclectic and diverse knowledge base in all the fiber arts.