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Learn creative and practical techniques for finishing your fringe! This video will teach you six different fringe finishing techniques – each one with unique properties and visual appeal. Add some bling to your finished piece or eliminate the fringe entirely with Damascus edging. Make your woven pieces ready to be worn and shown off to all your friends. Join Sara Bixler and enhance your knowledge with a wider-range of finishing techniques that will expand your repertoire.

This video includes:

  • An introduction to the rich variety of techniques for finishing your fringe.
  • Step-by-step instructions for each fringe finish
  • Helpful tips on making your own ¼” grid, incorporating project shrinkage, and choosing proper bead size

Techniques Demonstrated in Video:

  • Knotted fringe
  • Mexican Lace
  • Twisted fringe
  • Beaded fringe
  • Braided fringe
  • Damascus Edging


One of the best I have watched yet

“[Sara's] explanations were succinct with sequential directives and wonderful visual demonstrations. Enough repetitions in each demonstration to give plenty of practice.” - KAROL KOVACOVSKY

Fun with Fringe

“I’ve never been one for fringes but I have only seen them as a basic knots. This video was great as it showed me some beautiful uses for fringes. The teacher explained the process well and easily. I definitely plan to use some of the fringes she has shown in her video.” - Kanika Batabyal