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In her Creative Weaving series, weaver and teacher Sara Bixler shows how you can make exciting, attractive cloth on a rigid-heddle loom or any loom. In this video, she teaches you how to weave Brooks Bouquet, a hand-manipulated lace that is lovely to add interest to handwoven towels, scarves, accessories, or other fabric. You’ll start by learning how to choose the best yarn combinations for your project, how to weave for consistent patterning, how to make straight selvedges, and more.

You’ll love this weaving video if you:

  • Want more creative options to use with your rigid-heddle or harness loom
  • Love lace and want to enhance your plain weave
  • Want to weave decorator fabrics for home use or to wear

In Creative Weaving: Brooks Bouquet, you’ll learn how to:

  • Choose the best yarn for your project
  • Weave hand-manipulated lace
  • Plan for lacy fabric with neat selvedges

About the Expert: Sara Bixler is an instructor at the Mannings Handweaving School in East Berlin, Pennsylvania. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art and a Bachelor of Science in K-12 education—although she gives full credit for the depth of her knowledge to her apprenticeship with her father, Tom Knisely. Sara is a frequent contributor to Handwoven Magazine and Weaving Today.


Brooks Bouquet made easy

“Once again, Sara Bixler clearly explains another weaving technique. This time, we learn Brooks Bouquet. Sara's explanations are very easy to to understand, and her demonstrations professionally filmed at the perfect angles to follow along. Always a pleasure to watch, and if weaving along with Sara, a pleasure of a project to completed yourself!” - Mary Conto

Well done Sara Bixler!

“Clear, concise, easy to follow with great additional tips on construction and finish. ” - Amanda Sutton