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Composing colors is like making music: sometimes your composition calls for thunderous drama and sometimes you want quiet harmony. And like every good musician, you need to know your “instrument," the palette of colors available in your medium. In this video, master colorist and crafter Deb Menz explains how to compose with colors in a variety of mediums to create just the mood and impression you want. Through color exercises with Deb and seeing literally hundreds of examples, you'll learn to compose colors in a variety of mediums, including knitting, spinning, weaving, surface design hand- and machine-embroidery, beadwork, quilting, and paper collage.

You'll Love This Video If:

  • You like to play with color
  • You're a multi-media crafter
  • You like to take a project and make it your own
  • You've ever said “I just don't have good color sense."

In Color Magic: Value & Harmony You'll Learn:

  • How to accurately determine the value of a color
  • How to work with color in major and minor color keys
  • How to determine whether colors are analogous or complementary
  • Composition with color chords: triads, tetrads, and hexads

About the Expert:

Deb Menz is a teacher and fiber artist with years of dyeing and color-blending experience. Her previous DVDs, Color Works for Spinners and Dyeing in the Kitchens, supplement her classic books, Color in Spinning and Color Works. Deb lives in Middleton, Wisconsin.


Fantastic course!

“Her examples brought all the information together (and what incredible work she put into the samples.) Much appreciated this course.” - Carla Pope

A complement to Menz's book Color in Spinning

“Organized. Explores classic types of color harmonies (analogous, complementary, monochromatic. . . ), the degree of contrast in value in a color harmony, the scale of the units of color in a piece. To explore these, it shows finished samples in nine media. . . . It's efficient and covers a lot, so if you're new to the color wheel and color language, be prepared to stop, digest and make some notes. Be prepared to find a color wheel, experiment, make samples, and re-watch. Not a cookbook - a jump-start to a way of approaching your own color designing :) ” - Debra Reynolds