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In Big and Lofty Yarns, you'll learn how to get back to the basics of spinning to create big, full, and beautiful yarns with Maggie Casey. Often times, once you learn how to spin your spinning yarns become finer as time passes. She'll show you how to spin yarn that is lofty and full of air, which creates magnificent knitted and crocheted projects. Learn techniques such as trapping air in the fiber while you draft, or how to preserve your full yarns through the drafting and finishing process. Maggie has lots of other great resources including her videos, Getting Started on a Drop Spindle and How to Card, or her book, Start Spinning. 

You'll Love This Spinning Video If:

  • You want to spin better quality yarn

  • You frequently use your yarn for creating projects

  • You want to improve your plying and spinning techniques

In Big and Lofty Yarns You'll Learn:

  • How to use a drumcarder to prepare your wool

  • How to adjust the take-up on your wheel

  • How to spin full and luxurious yarn

A Word From the Author:

"Big and lofty yarns are really fun to work with -- they make such a statement, they're so bold, and they catch your eye right away. The other thing is, they knit up or crochet up in a flash. However, they aren't the easiest thing to spin. When we start spinning we seem to make big yarn, however it's often yarn with too much twist. Then as you get better with spinning, your yarn gets finer and finer, so going back to a big yarn is often difficult. " — Maggie Casey

About the Author:

Maggie Casey is a co-owner of Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins, in Boulder, Colorado, where she teaches Beginning Spinning on a Wheel, Drop Spindle Spinning, Spinning 2, and many others. She has been a skein judge at the Taos Wool Festival and Estes Park Wool Market and was the juror for Roving the Range at Convergence 2004. Her articles have appeared in Spin-Off and been reprinted in Knitters Review. She has been an avid spinner for 30 years and holds Part I of the Handweavers Guild of America's Certificate of Excellence in Handspinning. She lives and spins in Boulder, Colorado.


Excellent Video!

“Maggie is a great teacher. I finally understood a few things about spinning that had nothing to do with the type of yarn she was teaching. ” - Cheri Diehl

Big and Lofty Yarns

“It is a helping Lesson for beginners like me. Thank you.” - Doris Neven

Excellent course!

“I have always struggled with spinning big and lofty yarns, but no more. Maggie carefully guided me through the mechanics and nuances of spinning these yarns leading me to success. She is one of my favorite fiber art teachers!” - Kelly Calkins