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In Warping Your Loom, Master weaver Madelyn van der Hoogt tackles the often frustrating task of the warp. She'll walk you through different methods of warping so you can begin weaving yarn in a way that is comfortable for you. Madelyn will explain how tension is good for your warps, but awful for weavers. By eliminating the horrors of tangling, irregular tension and lost threads, you'll be warping and weaving with ease. Once you've mastered your new weaving techniques, you can find more creative inspiration from projects in Madelyn's book, The Weaver's Idea Book.

You'll Love This Weaving Video If:

  • You want to streamline the warping process
  • You want to avoid tangling, inconsistent tension and missing threads
  • You want to take control of your warp from board to beam

In Warping Your Loom You'll Learn:

  • How to wind your warps fast and easy
  • How to sley the reed and thread the loom
  • How to tie on to and beam the warp

A Word From the Author:

"The reason that I think a video on warping is so important, is that I think it's very difficult to tell in words what a person should do to get a warp on the loom so that it's successful. I've done many articles [and] handouts, and I've explained warping up and down. But when I have students at my school that I show how to do warping, they learn so much better. So this video is a way to make that happen without coming to the school." — Madelyn van der Hoogt

About the Author:

Madelyn van der Hoogt is the founder and principal instructor at the Weavers' School in Coupeville, Washington. Madelyn learned to weave in Guatemala on a backstrap loom during the 1970s. ?She has since been the editor of Prairie Wool CompanionWeaver's magazine, and Handwoven magazine. She is also the author of The Weaver's Idea BookThe Complete Book of Drafting , and Comprehensive Guide to Designing and Weaving with Blocks, and instructor for Weaving Well and Warping Your Loom. Madelyn has given lectures and taught workshops on weave structures and techniques for over 25 years in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

What Other Weavers Are Saying:

"For 25 years I've hated to warp. It's actually kept me from weaving as much as I'd like. I now love to warp. I'm looking forward to adding a new options and tricks to my bag of warping knowledge, but I got what I wanted – help developing a solid warping technique. This video will be my teacher and friend for a long time to come." — DEBBI, SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS